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Sketches for my newest work: Peacock lady

This work gave me some insparation: 

Thank you!!

Before and after ^^

A new before and after photo retouch ^^ I really love the result!

First pic is the Before

Second pic is After

Made for photoshop homework

Photoshop retouching. First (up) picture was the original, source picture. Before retouch ,and the second picture is after rotouching.


Finally im done this Seven Deadly Sins project, I really enjoyed this one, because I love playing colors with aquarell. I wanted to express the sins with flower vase, i could do that with carpet, or chair, or everything else, but i didnt changed my mind. Honestly, I dont have favourite one, because all of theese has advantages and disadvantages. So, lets show the sins! I write down the sins names in English, Hungarian and Latin languages. From up:

1. Avarice /Fösvénység/Avaritia - I wanted to express that avarice man never spend his money and always glean money in jar. I only drew with pastel chalk, because it was easier to color this invisible colors.

2. Envy /Irigység/Invidia - This one was tricky, because everyone thinks that envy must be green. No , i dont think so . It can be mixed with blue and yellow too. 

3.Vanity/Kevélység/Superbia -  Some darker pink , lilac and golden too

4. Sloth/Jóra való restség/Acedia - I found an interesting metallic, modern vase on the internet, this vase very impressed me,  i thought its perfect for sloth. If you pouring too much water in it, its fall down.

5. Lust/Bujaság/Luxuria - Whenever Im thinkig of Lust , i always think of the colourful India. The homeland of love and kama-sutra. Thats why I made this vase like this.

6. Wrath/Harag/Ira - This one difficult, but challenging for me, because the original picture that I have found on the net, was white, and hardly saw the vase shapes. I wanted to show how wrath growing up in our soul, and when you feel pissed off , its getting more darker. Like your mood.

7. Gluttony/Torkosság/Gula - I think this vase is the best one, the shapes are perfect. I enjoyed it so much. What you eat is who you are? They say.

Thank you very much to see my Seven Deadly Sins pictures, I hope you like it this alternative way. Please dont copy it, or if you want to use it, source it!!!

before and after, pusheen room

before and after pictures

I changed the picture on the wall

I also made this too